Starts with material, derives from life

diy iphone case

Creativity comes from inspiration, inspiration comes from life, the iPhone case is designed to maximize people’s good experience. Then there is a difficult question. What is life?

  • Life is not survival-exhausted working, sigh of failure and take a meagre income as a reward for life.
  • Life is not a livelihood-an absent-minded job, a pant after staying up late and take breaking and shopping as a life reward.Life is not business-thoughtful meetings, day and night travel and take fame and wealth as a reward for life.
  • Life is not angry-a tumultuous love, a hardship of rights protection, the education of expecting own son to be a useful man and take not suffer losses and not fall behind of others as a life reward.


diy iphone case
diy iphone case

So what is life in the end? It is to relax, to be safe, to slow and to be relieved, treating every day as a reward for life, then you will be the most successful life artist,who will get the most rewards in life.

In a word, the best family is the best life. Family companionship is the simplest life, as long as seeing the smiling face of your loved family every day, it is the display of a happy life.

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Last week, I bought a personalized iPhone case which is a peppa pig photo iPhone cover on casetify. My daughter is very happy. And she told me that this case can chat with her. The peppa pig is laughing and very cute, as it tells us to be happy everyday.
My daughter is 5 years old this year, in the weekend, she suddenly whispered in my ear that she loves me, then I was instantly shocked,.When looking at her sincere eyes, I was moved and asked her why. She said it was the words that Pig Paige said to her mother inside Peppa Pig, she thinks Paige’s family together is very happy. I asked: “Baby, now do you feel happy?” She answered: “Where there is mum, there is happiness.”

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This story is not aiming to tell parents to let your children watch the cartoon, but to accompany with your kids if you are in a leisure. The child’s growth is fleeting and quick. If the child can be accompanied by careful observation and care, it is not only beneficial to the child’s growth, but also a kind of growth of the parents.
So if you love your child, please show much more patience to her/him, even through a custom made iPhone cover, a simple clothing, a gentle tough and so on.