Custom-built beauty, Supreme fashion

Why we want it to be custom-built ? It would be the most fashionable all the time.

The core to fashion is always be different ,only the difference could lead new fashion tread.

photo iphone case
photo iphone case

Such as the the fashion show in the Milan Fashion Show in Italy. Those models would put on closes specially designed for them,and they would be much more different than the others.That is easy for them to be outstanding and catch a lot of eyes ,and finally lead a fashion tread in the coming seasons.Another phenomenon is that: Those singers ,movie starts and some celebrities in different areas would be put on news if two person wear the same clothes,shoes and even jewels.

Anything related to fashion would be put on the news if they are the same or even just similar with each other.No wonder all the fashionable guys pursue to be different at any cost,cause they want be unique,be the only one.That is the key to fashion.DIY iphone case would be something like the key to fashion; Cause it is specially designed ,they list out all their requirements or even even send their own photos,designed pictures to make the DIY iphone case for their own.Those staff which shows the difference,the unique features is the media transfer the personality,the fashion.

 It is obviously seen in the daily life ,for example: University students,they are young and energetic,and want to be focused.Meanwhile,they prefer to comparing with each other.If one holds a personalised iphone cover,they may be the focus of his friends .Iphones are the same models otherwise the personalised iphone cover is something special. The own would would enjoy to be different,be the topic and the focus among his friends.

The white collars,shuttling back and forth from house to office everyday,even in the bus,the metro,handy is the most part to be shown.What if you holding your own the custom iphone case like the following DIY iphone cover?That must be a great scene in the office and in the carriage.

Fast-charging cases

Charging five minutes, call two hours? Well, this may be a television commercial on a branded phone, and fast-charging techniques like this are not uncommon right now. Including fast charging and other technologies appear, in fact, are nothing more than to improve the phone’s battery life.For the iPhone 6s, although the overall battery life of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was relatively good in previous tests, there is still room for improvement.

And this room for improvement, it may be available from the phone cases.The phone ceses on the iPhone, presumably needless to say, not only the type and quantity, but also from time to time there will be some very novel works out. And now, this phone shell called casetify can be a good complement.

fast-charging cases
fast-charging cases

As shown, this phone case looks relatively large.Of course, bulky also shows that it has a certain content, and its connotation is in the back. First of all, from the design point of view, it is still relatively beautiful, from the back can “pull” out of a handle-like device, and then turn the handle, you can charge your iPhone 6 or 6s.

And the manufacturer said, this device can do five minutes of rotation, the use of 1 hour’s charging effect. Relatively speaking is still very good, and this is the use of time, if calculated in standby time, the manufacturer said that five minutes of rotation can reach 5 hours of standby time.

Relatively speaking, although its charging ability is not very good, but it is also relatively good. The manufacturer said that this phone case is suitable for those who spend time outdoor all the year round, such as the friends who need to run business . With this phone case, you don’t have to worry about the problem that your cell phone is lack of power.

How to pick the best case to protect your phone

With the accelerated development of science and technology,science and technology beauty industry has borned as a new industry.Mobile phone case is no longer a mere practical product.With the popularity of cell phones in young people,almost every young person who is seeking fashion wants a unique cell phone.To cater to this trend,cell phone case manufacturers have introduced a number of products that are more sophisticated and have a more chromatic color scheme. This makes the types of cell phone cases more diversified.

You spend hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone or tablet, so why not to spend slightly in order to ensure it doesn’t get scratched or broken? You can buy phone cases on casify site . Our electronic friends serve us consistently — that is, until we drop them in the toilet, leave them at the mercy of inquisitive toddlers, or allow them to slip from our grasp and tumble down the stairs.

Smartphones are becoming more challenging all the time, and there are quite a few waterproof smartphones now, but the vast majority will not survive an accident unscathed. If you wish to find out what might happen should your phone meet with disaster, you can examine the numerous damage tests posted online.


Read reviews of the cases you are interested in. Even if you can’t find a review for your specific phone model, other reviews for the same manufacturer will provide you a general sense of the quality. You can also find people talking about cases and posting photos of them in various forums around the web.

Considering extra functions you might want in a case.For phones, you’ll typically find kickstands that pop out the back, but ensure they’re secure, because it can be annoying if they pop out uninvited. Write down what you feel is essential and keep it as a checklist while you shop on casify site .

Shop our customized phone cases with top quality to protect your smartphones.